Thank you for visiting our webpage, below we tried to summarise our work and who we are in a very short way. Please get in touch so that we can show you the wide range of experience we have.

dsm training is a part of dsm group which has been established in 1994,  operating today as a service solution company for direct marketing projects.  Please check out 

As dsm training team, we run training programs and events based on experiential learning methodology.  Our services are categorised in 3 sections but nevertheless we believe that these 3 section complete each other. AWARENESS, mirroring myself and focusing on interaction with others, DEVELOPMENT, improving competencies and MOTIVATION, enjoying the strength of being a team.

Whatever we do we run with passion and believe in processing the experience itself. We first of all care about ourselves and also  care about the ones who trust in our services. We are a team which believes in the importance of harmony and motivation in cooperate life. We do our best to built up trust, give our best in service and do whatever we do within high quality standards.

Depending upon client’s expectations and needs, programs are developed and designed. We are experienced working with national and international small and or larger groups as well as within Turkish borders or out of Turkey. If you are interested in our work, please get in touch with us.

As dsm training we are happy to announce that we are in collaboration with, Refresh Yourself is an international “simply all about life” event platform based in London.

Refresh Yourself is enriched with unique, highly skilled experts & speakers delivering positive and progressive events with the main focus on corporate and personal life skills, physical, mental as well emotional wellbeing. These events are run in Turkish as well as in English.